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Covid vaccinations

Posted on January 11th, 2021

We’ve now completed the first week of Covid-19 vaccinations at the Bognor Regis vaccination centre.  We have another delivery confirmed for this week, so the group organizing the clinic appointments will be in contact with patients soon. We are working through the cohort of patients aged 80 years old and over, and we have started with the most clinically vulnerable and then the oldest patients first.  At Grove House we have over 1,500 patients in this group, and in the entire Bognor Regis area we are dealing with over 7,000.  It is therefore a very large task and we are working as quickly as we can based on the supplies we are being given.

Please do not contact the surgery directly with questions about when your appointment will be arranged.  The appointments are not booked by the surgery team, and we cannot guarantee any timescales as it is very much dependent upon which vaccine(s) and how many we are supplied with.