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‘Phone Line Waiting Times

Posted on August 25th, 2020

We are aware that times for calls to be answered may not be as quick as we would like.  We are working as quickly as possible to get through the calls and waiting times are better than they were a year ago, even with the increased need to use telephones to maintain social distancing.

To put things in perspective, we answered over 1,000 telephone calls in a single day last week.  That was an exceptional day, we normally answer between 500 & 800 calls a day.

We don’t have room to put more staff in the building, we are at a limit of the number of telephone lines coming into the building, and if we divert other staff to answer calls things like prescriptions and patient correspondence would not get processed efficiently.

The way the phone system works is that calls are connected to a ‘cloud’ and that is where you hear the count down of you are number x in the queue.  When you get to number one that is the point where you are next to be put through to one of the four lines that are here at Grove House.

So what can be done?  We need your help.  If you have internet access please use the Online Consultation service (see the front page of our website).  This can be used for a range of things including medication queries and questions about medical problems.

Why use it?  It saves you waiting in the telephone queue and it provides our staff with a lot of information saving time on the telephone, freeing things up for those who don’t have access.